Wild Harvested Whole Red Raspberry
for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, degus

Only fresh, Certified Organic or Wild Crafted Ingredients used

red raspberry for chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs



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  • Can be used for nutritional support
  • Source of many nutrients, including vitamin C, E, A as well as calcium, potassium and iron
  • Especially beneficial for pregnant animals since it is a pregnancy tonic; red raspberry helps increase blood flow to the uterus
  • Red raspberry tea is useful for treating digestive tract inflammations
  • Adds diversity to your herbivore's diet

Directions: Degu – 1/4 teaspoon; chinchilla, guinea pig, small and medium rabbits – 1/3-1/2 teaspoon; larger rabbits – 1 teaspoon 3-5 times a week.


Ingredients: Wild harvested red raspberry leaf and stem




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